Joint workshop on Linked Data in Architecture and Construction -­‐ LDAC 2014


Together with colleagues from the Aalto University, University of Ghent, and AEC3, members of the DURAARK team co-organize the

Joint  workshop  on  Linked  Data  in  Architecture  and Construction  -­‐  LDAC  2014
(2 nd  LDAC  Workshop  &  6 th  eeSemantics  VoCamp)

to be held

May  26-­‐27,  2014
Aalto  University  and  Tekla
Espoo,  Finland

From the call for Participation:

“The  topic  of  this  event  is  why  and  how  to  use  the  Web  of  Data  technologies  for  building  information management.  The  interest  to  this  question  arises  from  the  expected  benefits  such  as  the  ability  to  easily  link building  information  models  to  and  from  external  data  sources,  to  open  the  models  to  new  use  cases  and applications,  to  enable  truly  decentralized  publication  of  models,  to  support  loosely  coupled  interoperation through  cross-­‐model  linking,  and  to  utilize  reasoning  and  other  services  developed  in  Semantic  Web  research. The  topic  is  studied  from  two  different  perspectives:  The  VoCamp  will  focus  on  use  cases  and  vocabularies  for the  Web  of  Building  Data,  and  the  LDAC  workshop  will  study  the  technical  solutions”

The full call can be downloaded here

You can register to the event without a fee using this form until May 11.

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