metadata vocabulary to describe archived building information in the DURAARK Semantic Digital Archive (SDA)
Building Information Model (BIM)
Object-oriented, parametric and process-oriented data structures to organize information relevant to buildings
Digital Object
A technical artifact such as an Building Information Model or a point cloud that represents a Physical Asset in the DURAARK archival system
Open file format to store point clouds from scans including their metadata
technical metadata about E57 point cloud files residing in the DURAARK archive
technical metadata about ingested IFC files residing in the DURAARK archive
Industry Foundation Classes(IFC)
The Industry Foundation Classes is an open interoperability model for the exchange of information reltated to building and construction
International Framework for Dictionaries (IFD)
Conceptual framework and data model to organize building-related information. Formally specified in the ISO 12006 parts 2 and 3. Basis for the reference vocabulary
Linked Open Data (LOD)
Set of accessible information published openly for reuse. The envisioned ‘global graph of data’ or ‘cloud’ employs Semantic Web technologies to cross-reference data across networks. Among its most important nuclei is the DBPedia data set that is derived from the WikiPedia corpus
Long Term Preservation (LTP)
The internationally widely accepted Open Archival Information System (OAIS) framework, defines preservation as “The act of maintaining information, Independently Understandable by a Designated Community, and with evidence supporting its Authenticity, over the Long Term.” (source: OAIS “Pink Book”)
Open Archival Information System (OAIS)
Framework defining general concepts and best practises for Digital Long Term Preservation
Physical Asset
A building (in the real world) information ingested into the DURAARK archival system is referring to. Usually, a Physical Asset is represented by one ore more Digital Objects
Resource Description Framework (RDF)
Conceptual approach to modelling information. It is based on triples containing a ‘subject’ ‘predicate’ and ‘object’ that are described with Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI), most often reachable via web protocols such as HTTP. RDF models form directed graphs that can span across networked locations. Popular clear-text serialization formats include RDF/XML, N3 and Turtle.
Semantic Digital Archive (SDA)
a part of the DURAARK framework that stores snapshots of linked data sets referenced from archives and their descriptions
Semantic Digital Observatory (SDO)
a part of the DURAARK system that crawls, fetches, monitores and updates external data sets stored for preservation in the SDA
STandard for the Exchange of Product data (STEP)
A group of information standards covering a wide spectrum of engineering domains grouped under the ISO 10303 series of standards
STEP Physical File (SPF)
A clear-text file format defined in the STandard for the Exchange of Product Data (STEP). Specified in the ISO 10303, part 21 and often referred to as “Part 21 file” or “SPFF” (STEP Physical File Format)
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