DURAARK workshop @ GeoBIM 2015 in Amsterdam

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The increasing use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) challenges the way the building profession is handling the massive amount of building data. Technologies, which are used to access and retrieve information from the web, provide solutions to this problem. Especially semantic web approaches are of high interest here.
A workshop to these approaches and their benefit for building industry is given by a joint team from TU Eindhoven (Jacob Beetz & Thomas Krijnen), L3S Hannover (Stefan Dietze) and CITA Copenhagen (Martin Tamke and Henrik Leander Evers). The workshop ” Building Data and the Semantic Web” takes place n Friday the 11. December in the frame of the GeoBIM Europe conference in Amsterdam.


It and introduces participants to the general ideas of the semantic web, how these can create benefits for the building industry and finally how approaches developed in the EU project DURAARK support this.
We are excited to organize this event and invite practitioners to partake in the GeoBIM conference – http://www.geo-bim.org/Europe/agenda.html#friday-2015

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