DURAARK Showcase in the Digital Preservation Sustainability on the EU policy level workshop

The DURAARK project will take part in the Digital Preservation Sustainability on the EU Policy Level Workshop, London, United Kingdom, on 8th September 2014. This workshop is organized jointly by APARSEN and SCAPE.

The main objective of the workshop is to provide an overview of solutions to challenges within Digital Preservation Sustainability developed by current and past Digital Preservation research projects. The event brings together various EU projects/initiatives to present their solutions and approaches, and to find synergies between them. A special focus will lie on SCAPE (Scalable Preservation Environments), which will have its final project presentation at this event. As part of the workshop, DURAARK will display its prototypical tool that can be used to enrich geometric & semantic information, and, at the same time can co-op with the continuous evolution of web data and vocabularies.

Link to DURAARK Workbench: workbench.duraark.eu

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