DURAARK releases new version of VOLVOX Point Cloud Plugin for Rhino

Volvox Rhino Plugin The DURAARK partner CITA has released version of the popular point cloud plugin VOLVOX for Rhino/Grasshopper. The highlight of this release is the full support of E57 format (im- and export).
Further new features in Volvox :
Volvox is now distributted with an installer
– E57 Exporter – also within the Engine/EngineX
– Script Cloud component enables the user to write custom VB.NET code to process the point cloud
– E57 Metadata now outputs scanner positions
– Point cloud type now stores the scanner position as well (that’s useful with E57 files. Position follows the transformations of the point cloud
– Several reported bugs were killed

The plugin can be downloaded from here (food4Rhino)
Manuals, Forums and discussions are on here (Grasshopper3d)
and the source code for the plugin is finally available on the DURAARK github and for the .net E57 library as well here on Github

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