DURAARK Datasets


The DURAARK project established a unique collection of datasets from the architectural domain. This page shares these  with the interested public. Many of the datasets stem from architectural stakeholders and represent their practice with large and complex building data. DURAARK.data provides the community with means to work with real-world data.

This site contains links to the following datasets, which are all shared to the public domain according to Creative Commons CC0:

1. IFC Models and Point Clouds – 3d representations of buildings as BIM models (.ifc) and/or point clouds (e57) mainly from 3d Laser scanning

2. RDF Metadata – Graph based representation of architectural data and its internal and external relations. accessible through a common SPARQL Endpoint

3. Schemas & Vocabularies – Data schemes developed within DURAARK to describe the heterogeneous architectural data through a homogenous metadata

4. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) – Services developed by DURAARK to access and handle architectural data


1. IFC Models and Point Clouds

Building TypeIFC FileE57 FileSize [MB]Content of Zip
Building TypeIFC FileE57 FileSize [MB]Content of Zip
Acadia_OfficeOfficeAcadiaOfficeDownload file360E57: 1
CITA_DermoidIDermoidCITAInstallationDownload file7833E57: 2
DesignHubDesignHubCITAExhibition spaceDownload file14894E57: 1
CITA_FraunhoferFraunhoferCITAOfficeDownload file37860E57: 1
CITA_IAACIAACCITAUniversityDownload file9950E57: 1
CITA_KronborgKronborgCITACastleDownload file10169E57: 1
CITA_MarésMarésCITACourt yardDownload file2811E57: 1
CITA_PersistentModellingPersistentModellingCITAInstallationDownload file640E57: 1
CITA_Room-24-7Room-24_7CITAWorkshopDownload file612E57: 1
Single fam house
Context volumes
Download file1IFC: 6
Single fam house
Download file7IFC: 2
KIT_FJK_ifc.zip---KIT_FJK_Arch.ifcFJKKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologySingle fam houseDownload file1IFC: 1
KIT_Institute_ifc.zip---KIT_Institute_Arch.ifcInstituteKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyOfficeDownload file0.5IFC: 1
KIT_Smiley-West_Arch.ifcSmiley-WestKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyHousing complexDownload file0.5IFC: 1
NBS_Lakeside_ifc.zip---NBS_LakesideRVT01_Arch.ifcLakesideUK National Building SpecificationRestaurantDownload file28IFC: 5
NBU_Duplex_ifc.zip---NBU_Duplex-Apt_Arch.ifcDuplexUK National Building SpecificationResidentialDownload file13IFC: 12
NBU_MedicalClinic_ifc.zip---NBU_MedicalClinic_Arch.ifcMedicalClinicUK National Building SpecificationClinicDownload file80IFC: 8
NBU_OfficeBuilding_ifc.zip---NBU_OfficeBuilding_Arch-1.ifcOfficeBuildingUK National Building SpecificationOffice buildingDownload file23IFC: 9
NVW_DCR-LOD_ifc.zip---NVW_DCR-LOD200_Arch.ifcDCR-LODNemetschek VectorWorksOffice buildingDownload file48IFC: 8
SGD_BARD_ifc.zip---SGD_BARD_Arch.ifcBARDSelvaag Gruppen / DDS Data Design SystemDownload file6IFC: 2
SGD_Blueberry_ifc.zip---SGD_Blueberry_Arch-3.ifcBlueberrySelvaag Gruppen / DDS Data Design SystemSingle fam houseDownload file8IFC: 10
SGD_BODO_ifc.zip---SGD_BODO_Arch-3.ifcBODOSelvaag Gruppen / DDS Data Design SystemCollegeDownload file31IFC: 5
SGD_Duplex_ifc.zip---SGD_Duplex_Eng-HVAC-Plumbing.ifcDuplexSelvaag Gruppen / DDS Data Design SystemResidentialDownload file11IFC: 2
SGD_Munkerud_ifc.zip---SGD_Munkerud_Merged.ifcMunkerudSelvaag Gruppen / DDS Data Design SystemResidentialDownload file9IFC: 7
SGD_CDB-2010_Eng-HVAC.ifcCDBSelvaag Gruppen / DDS Data Design SystemBuilding (HVAC system only)Download file2IFC: 1
SGD_DDS_ifc.zip---SGD_DDS-CAD_Eng-CON.ifcDDSSelvaag Gruppen / DDS Data Design SystemWall PanelDownload file0.26IFC: 1
SGD_HiTOS_ifc.zip---SGD_HiTOS_Arch.ifcHiTOSSelvaag Gruppen / DDS Data Design SystemOffice buildingDownload file11IFC: 3
CITA_KADK-FestsalenKADK-FestsalenCITAAuditoriumDownload file15777E57: 26
Autodesk_210-King210-KingAutodeskOfficeDownload fileDownload file95IFC: 1
E57: 1
CITA_Foundation-EDFFoundation-EDFCITAExhibit roomDownload fileDownload file8900IFC: 1
E57: 1
LTU_A-House_2014-06-25A-House Scan June 2014LTUUniversityDownload fileDownload file4847IFC: 1
E57: 1
LTU_A-House_2014-09-25_ifc.zip---LTU_A-House_redesign.ifcA-House Scan September 2014LTUUniversityDownload fileDownload file4831IFC: 9
E57: 1
LTU_A-House_2015-12-21A-House Scan October 2015LTUUniversityDownload file5800E57: 1
CITA_Byg72_JuneByg72 - Scan June 2015CITAUniversityDownload fileDownload file8000IFC: 1
E57: 1
CITA_Byg72_AugustByg72 - Scan August 2015CITAUniversityDownload file5600IFC: 0
E57: 1
CITA_Byg72_SeptemberByg72 - Scan September 2015CITAUniversityDownload file8300IFC: 0
E57: 1
CITA_StretchedSkinStretchedSkinCITAInstallationDownload file143E57: 1
CITA_TowerTowerCITAInstallationDownload file26E57: 1
CITA_DesignMuseumDesignMuseumCITACourtyard and indoor of MuseumDownload file3470E57: 9
Plan3D_Haus30_ifc.zip---Plan3D_Haus30.ifcHaus30Plan3DResidentialDownload fileDownload file58000IFC: 1
E57: 4
CITA_Deleuran_AAVisitingSchoolAarhusCITA_Deleuran AA VisitingSchool AarhusCITAInstallationDownload file161E57: 1
FOJAB_Landsarkivet_2014LandsarkivetFOJABLibraryDownload fileDownload file5800E57: 2
CITA_KADK-CourtyardKADK CourtyardCITAUniversity (Outdoor)Download file3600E57: 1
NyborgNyborg StrandCITAConference CenterDownload file570E57: 1
CITA_DiakonDiakonissenCITAHospitalDownload file19600E57: 5
CITA_UMTS_ExhibitionKADK_Exhibition_UMTSCITAExhibitionDownload file8800E57: 1
CITA_KADK-ReceptionKADK-ReceptionCITAUniversity ReceptionDownload file87E57: 1
CITA_NikolajKunsthalNikolaj KunsthalCITAExhibition SpaceDownload file2200E57: 1
PlanarPanelsGeometryGymExampleDownload file0.02IFC: 1

More IFC files can be accessed through the Open IFC Repository created by Robert Amor.


2. RDF Metadata

In order to enable semantic search on the available models, all 3D models in DURAARK are complemented with additional metadata, describing either the modeled structure (“physical asset”) or the actual model (“digital asset”) and their contexts. Data is held in a central knowledge base (the DURAARK Semantic Digital Archive, see D3.6). While baseline metadata for the above notions are described using the buildm schema, the endpoint also contains semantic enrichments which further describe contextual information about the buildings context, such as its geolocation, history or infrastructural environment. Geometric metadata describes the geometric features of the building. All data is accessible via a single SPARQL endpoint at http://data.duraark.eu/sparql

Data is spread across different graphs as follows.

Links & Graph IRIsDescriptionLicenseNotes
Links & Graph IRIsDescriptionLicenseNotes
buildM SchemaThe buildM schema, describing namely Physical Assets, i.e. actual structures, and Digital Objects, that is, models representing the physical structures.CC-BY unless otherwise statedExample instance: Kronborg Castle
http://data.duraark.eu/sdas (to query via http://data.duraark.eu/sparql​)The default graph IRI where the buildm instances are stored in the SDAS, and can be consequently queried. These instances include geometric enrichments in the form of geometric metadata for the corresponding buildings.CC-BY unless otherwise stated
“http://data.duraark.eu/crawl/” + [ID]

Please use this live query to retrieve a list of all crawl graphs exported to the SDAS.
Crawls are captured in separate graphs where the graph IRI follows this pattern. Semantic Enrichments in the form of context crawls from the Web (i.e. the Linked Data WCrawls are captured in separate graphs where the graph IRI follows following pattern: eb graph) retrieved to enrich instances of buildings/models, i.e. the data in the graph above. Each graph/crawl represents a specific query intent and is contained in a separate graph following the URI pattern described on the left.Data originating from variety of sources, CC-Zero and CC-BY frequently used.Example graph IRI corresponding to a crawl: http://data.duraark.eu/crawl/3

Example queries for interacting with the SDAS are available here.


3. Schemas & Vocabularies

DURAARK has developed a set of Schemas in order to describe physical assets (architectural objects) and their many associated digital representations in a consistent way. These schemas are provided here as XML Schema Definitions.

The buildm schema describes the object in two information layers: one being a description of the building the model represents, the actual physical asset, the other being a description of the digital object in regards to its provenance and content. While the buildm schema is a limited set of required descriptive metadata which allows for a stable and directly comparable description of objects over time, the buildm+ schema is flexible, allowing for additional terms to represent data from various Linked Open Data Sources. For simplification purposes, additional facts and entities which enrich a particular BuildM instance is referred to via rdfs:seeAlso statements, which refer to related data captured by the focused crawler, which further describes contextual knowledge about a structure.

In addition to descriptive metadata digital preservation processes require technical metadata. Here, information is captured about the creation process and the metrics of the object which shall allow for access over time even in the event that a rendering application on a current machine is no longer available.  Ifcm and e57m present technical metadata schemas for the respective formats.

NameTypeFile (link)Description
NameTypeFile (link)Description
buildm 2.2descriptive metadataLink to schema XML Schema Definition for the descriptive metadata format "buildm". Designed for describing buildings as well as the associated files.
ifcm 1.1technical metadataLink to schemaXML Schema Definition for the technical metadata format "ifcm". Designed for describing the technical appearance of an IFC file.
e57m 1.2technical metadataLink to schemaXML Schema Definition for the technical metadata format "e57m". Designed for describing the technical appearance of an e57 file.
buildm+ 3.1descriptive metadataLink to schemaRDF Schema for the semantic enriched metadata "buildm". Designe for describing buildings as well as the associated files and relations.
buildm v3.3Descriptive MetadataLink to schemaFinal version of the RDF Schema for the semantic enriched metadata "buildm". Designed for describing buildings as well as the associated files and relations.


4. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

The DURAARK project has developed a set of services which provide means to access and handle architectural data in digital repositories. The services is accessible via a REST API so that (parts of) the functionality can be integrated into the workflow of stakeholders. We provide an overview of the services here, together with additional links to the service’s homepage, its API documentation and installation instructions.
NameShort DescriptionAPI DocumentationDescription/Installation
NameShort DescriptionAPI DocumentationDescription/Installation
duraark-sessionsServices for managing DURAARK user sessionsLink to documentationLink to installation
duraark-metadataService for metadata extraction from IFC-SPF, E57 and (soon) HDF5 filesLink to documentationLink to installation
duraark-sdaService exposing the search and semantic enrichment capabilities of the DURAARK knowledge graphLink to documentationLink to installation
Service for exposing DURAARK's geometric enrichment components via a REST-APILink to documentationLink to installation
duraark-digitalpreservationService providing an API for generating submission information packages (SIPs) and for depositing SIPs to the Rosetta DPSLink to documentationLink to installation
Focused CrawlerService for direct access to the “Focused Crawler” component to gather semantic information on topics (this API is integrated into the “duraark-sda” service)Link to documentation
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