UBO – University Bonn, Institute of Computer Science, Germany

The Graphics Group at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany, was founded in 2000 by Professor Klein and already has a high reputation in geometric modeling, 3D point cloud processing including registration, object reconstruction, segmentation, symmetry detection, similarity measures, object retrieval as well as compression and rendering algorithms. Currently, 20 full-time researchers are working in these areas.

The graphics group of Bonn was and is a successful partner in several German (BMBF, DFG) and international research projects (German Israeli Foundation, EU) and partner in several technology transfer projects in related areas. Especially important is the experience of the group gained in numerous projects tightly related to the topics of the DURAARK project.

The group was partner in the DFG-Priority Program “Processing and Delivery of Digital Documents (V3D2)” where novel 3D object retrieval techniques were researched. In 2005 the German Science Foundation established the Center of Competence PROBADO aiming at developing content-based access and presentation methods for specific, selected types nontextual documents in large Digital Libraries in which the group was responsible for the development and implementation of novel 3D-retrieval techniques for architectural data.

Furthermore, the group was a partner in EPOCH NoE where European cultural institutions joined their efforts to improve the quality and effectiveness of the use of Information and Communication Technology for Cultural Heritage. Currently, the group is partner in the European 3D-COFORM-project that aims to establish 3D documentation as an affordable, practical and effective mechanism for long term documentation of tangible cultural heritage where among other topics the group is responsible for archiving and retrieval of reflectance data of cultural artefacts.

Recently, it became partner in the ActReMa experiment that runs under the coordination of the EU-funded ECHORD (European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development) project. In this project the group is responsible for the real-time recognition of 3D CAD-parts in a point-cloud in order to facilitate automatic bin-picking for machine feeding.

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Contact person at UBO: Richard Vock, e-mail: vock[AT]cs.uni-bonn.de

Participants in the DURAARK project
  UBO_Richard_Vock  UBO_Sebastian_Ochman UBO_Reinhard_Klein UBO_Raoul_Wessel
Richard Vock  Sebastian Ochman  Reinhard Klein  Raoul Wessel
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