LTU – Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Luleå University of Technology (LTU) is the first university of technology in Sweden specializing in engineering. LTU has around 12,000 students and 1,400 employees. The university has 150 professors and around 500 doctorates. The annual turnover is 1.2 billion SEK, of which 0.53 billion SEK is for research and postgraduate education. LTU has always had a priority for the development of user-motivated applied research, although basic and fundamental research always serves as a base for our applied research. In addition to our old and well established research contacts with the industry within e.g. iron ore, metallurgy, energy (water) and forestry in the County of Norrbotten, the university also has many industrial partners in various areas throughout Sweden and internationally. We believe that our focus on applied science is of absolute greatest value to meet societal and industrial needs, and indeed necessary for continued advances in developing innovations to meet present and future challenges. Our cooperation with universities, companies and organizations – regionally, nationally and internationally – strengthens our leading-edge research and plays a central role in the development of new knowledge and innovative products and services.

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LDBThe LDP Centre (Centre for Long-term Digital Preservation) is a competence centre for research, technical development and testing of methods and technologies for long-term digital preservation and access. Partners are archives, libraries and universities who are jointly working on development of good methods, practices and as far as possible common solutions. LDP has vast experience of leading and participating in R&D projects in Sweden and at the European level, such as the FP7. LDP was a partner in the FP7 project PROTAGE that deals with automation of digital preservation and is a partner in the ongoing project ENSURE. In ENSURE, LDP is responsible for the test bed and part in several research activities and will be considerably active in the research on Quality, Correctness and Information Preparation processes.

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CDTCDT (Centre for distans-spanning technology) hosts the Botnia Living Lab, ( korr_1102041.pdf) enabling user-driven research-development-innovation (RDI) of new services and products. Botnia Living Lab repeatedly engages a growing community of more than 7000 pilot users.

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Contact person at LTU: Jörgen Nilsson, e-mail: jorgen.nilsson[AT]

Participants in the DURAARK project
LTU_Anders_Lundkvist LTU_Osten_Jonsson LTU_Frode_Randers LTU_Hamid_Rofoogaran LTU_Jorgen_NIlsson LTU_Lena_Lindback
Anders Lundkvist  Östen Jonsson  Frode Randers Hamid Rofoogaran  Jörgen Nilsson Lena Lindbäck
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