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From LUH, two units contribute to the project:

TIB LogoThe German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) is the German National Library for all areas of engineering as well as architecture, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics. The TIB’s task is to comprehensively acquire and archive literature from around the world pertaining to engineering and the natural sciences. The TIB’s comprehensive holdings are available to all users through a document delivery service. The TIB recently expanded the scientific information to be archived and represented to audiovisual media and 3D models.

TIB has been building up expertise in the area of non-textual materials in conjunction with establishing a Competence Center for non-textual materials. Applied research on e.g. visual search or automatic content analysis is carried out in several projects; besides the systematic acquisition of scientific objects, object specific search and presentation, long-term archiving, and development of standards (in collaboration). A key focus of the TIB is to develop a Digital Library. The long term digital preservation of scientific resources is one of the major future tasks of the TIB.

TIB is partner in the Best Practice Network Linked Heritage, which aims to increase the searchable Europeana content by three million new entries and develop further already existing techniques from Europeana. Within the project, TIB acts as a content provider of architectural 3D models and is involved in the areas of metadata and persistent identifiers, contributing with experience and knowledge in metadata, persistent identifier technologies and scientific data registration.

TIB is also a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) registration agency for Scientific content. Since 2010, TIB is coordinating the DOI registration under the name DataCite in cooperation with other scientific libraries and information institutions from all over the world. Members of DataCite include the British Library, the California Digital Library, the Library of ETH Zürich and the Australian National Data Service.

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L3S LogoThe L3S Research Center
is a joint research institute of several universities in Lower Saxony, Germany formally associated with Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH). Work at L3S focuses on innovative and cutting-edge methods and technologies for Web Science, a key topic for the European Information Society, investigating the Future of Information and Communication in the Web Age. Projects investigate innovative scenarios and solutions in the Web Science areas of Web Search (especially Rich Media search and Entity-centric search), Web Information Management (including Digital libraries and semantic enrichment), Middleware for Web Infrastructures, the Future Internet and the Web of People (including Personalization, Diversity-aware services, and Social Web solutions). The L3S team builds upon technologies and approaches from various areas such as information retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing, semantic web technologies, data management, and Distributed and Peer-to-Peer Information Systems.

The L3S team has a long experience in participating in European research projects, including the Web preservation projects LIWA and ARCOMEM, and projects in related areas such as LivingKnowledge, GLOCAL, and SYNC3.

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Contact persons at LUH: Stefan Dietze e-mail: dietze[AT]

Participants from TIB in the DURAARK project
 TIB_Michelle_LIndlar TIB_Michael_Panitz
Michelle Lindlar Michael Panitz Ran Yu Besnik Fetahu
Participants from L3S in the DURAARK project
L3S_Stefan_Dietze L3S_Ujwal_Gadiraju L3S_Marco_Fischella L3S_Wolf_Siberski
Stefan Dietze Ujwal Gadiraju Marco Fischella Wolf Siberski
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