FhA – Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH, Austria

Fraunhofer Austria (FhA) is a fully‐owned subsidiary of the German Fraunhofer‐Gesellschaft. Its research areas include Visual Computing & Digital Libraries, located in Graz and Production & Logistics in Vienna. The business area in Graz belongs to an excellence cluster on computer graphics and computer vision with connections to Technische Universität Graz (TUG).

Research undertaken by Fraunhofer is directly aimed at promoting industrial performance, which distinguishes Fraunhofer from other large research institutions involved in pure or basic research. This focus applies equally to contract research for industry or government, as well as to advanced strategic research.

The main focus of Fraunhofer Austria includes three research aspects: digital society, visual decision support and virtual engineering. In the context of DURAARK the topic digital society is of special interest. Fraunhofer Austria develops technologies in order to capture and expand knowledge. Therefore, Fraunhofer Austria makes it possible to use, upgrade and maintain this digital knowledge and thus contribute to an increased quality of life.

Fraunhofer Austria Visual Computing, as well as the Institute of Computer Graphics and Knowledge Visualization of TUG are led by Prof. Dr. techn. Dieter W. Fellner. Both research groups have 20 researchers in total and share a common infrastructure. They have gained expertise on semantic modeling, immersive visualization, and physics‐based simulation in various national and international research projects; amongst others in CHARISMATIC (FP5), EPOCH (FP6), and 3D‐COFORM (FP7). The attributed task is the leadership of WP4.

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Contact person at FhA: René Berndt, e-mail: rene.berndt[AT]fraunhofer.at

Participants in the DURAARK project
 FhA_Martin_Hecher FhA_Eva_Eggeling FhA_Rene_Berndt  FhA_Ulrich_Krispel
 Martin Hecher Eva Eggeling Rene Berndt Ulrich Krispel
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