Catenda, Norway

Catenda was established in 2009, as the first spin-off from SINTEF Building and Infrastructure. The vision of Catenda is “knowledge in optimal collaboration”. To meet this vision, Catenda will use buildingSMART based technology, combined with relevant knowledge and experience, and deep understanding of human interaction to bring innovative services to the international market.

The five original members of Catenda all have extensive experience in research (three PhDs). The company currently has 7 employees in Oslo and Bergen in Norway.

The main background is building processes and buildingSMART (IFC, IFD and IDM) standards and technology. Catenda did most of the technical development behind the IFD standard and the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (formerly known as IFD Library), and are members of MSG (IFC) and TG (IFD) and buildingSMART Norway.

Catendas products will provide seamless information flow in the Construction Industry, based on buildingSMART technology. Building Information Models (BIM) will be communicated, enriched and given version-, quality- and clash controls. The main product bimsync is a SaaS tool for open BIMs, including advanced knowledge search, already developed by Catenda.

Catenda has developed three products that are now on the market;

  • Knowledgesearch, using IFD to aid users to simply and quickly locate relevant knowledge for their tasks. The technology involves a server with a web interface and an API and mobile apps on three platforms (iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile).
  • Peregrine API is a commercial grade API to access the buildingSMART Data Dictionary that we built on Googles cloud infrastructure to ensure stability and scalability.
  • bimsync is a tool to enable intuitive access to buildingSMART based BIM information and make it easy to collaborate across domains. The tool is built on top of

Catendas target market, both in Norway and internationally consists of; large professional public and private building owners, leading contractors / architects / consultants / project managers and knowledge and content providers, also internationally. Key partners and customers are: Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property (Statsbygg), The Norwegian Defense Estate Agency (Forsvarsbygg), Standards Norway, Norwegian Technology (industry associations), SINTEF (largest independent research organization in Scandinavia) and buildingSMART International / buildingSMART Norway.

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Contact person at Catenda: Dag Fjeld Edvardsen, e-mail: dag.fjeld.edvardsen[AT]

Participants in the DURAARK project
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Dag Fjeld Edvardsen Lars Bjørkhaug  Ole Jørgen Karud
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