CITA – Center for Information Technology and Architecture, Denmark

CITA is an innovative research environment exploring the emergent intersections between architecture and digital technologies. Identifying core research questions into how space and technology can be probed, CITA seeks to investigate how the current forming of a digital culture impacts on architectural thinking and practice.

CITA examines how architecture is influenced by new digital design- and production tools as well as the digital practices that are informing our societies culturally, socially and technologically. Using design and practice based research methods, the aim is to explore the conceptualization, design and realization of working prototypes. CITA consolidates new collaborations with interdisciplinary partners from the fields of computer graphics, human computer interaction, robotics, artificial intelligence as well as the practice based fields of furniture design, fashion and textiles, industrial design, film, dance and interactive arts.

CITA follows a practice based research in the intersection of digital design and architectural production. The current research focus is on the integration of feedback loops into design practice and the overlay and calculation of multi parameter design objectives. The question is how the integration of parametric and BIM tools with analysis of energetic, structural or material behavior allows for a more informed building practice with higher quality. Here the direct link of digital models with digital production processes allows the direct fabrication of mass-customized elements and materials that react to local conditions of the simulated structure. The making of full scale demonstrator objects introduces questions from material and realization processes into the research and allows finally evaluating the research thesis in architectural scale.

By examining technology transfers between high-innovative industries, that stand on front edge in the development of new digitalized designs- and production tools, it’s CITAs goal to create synergy between the subject’s contemporary reality and its future perspective.

CITA is led by Prof. Mette Ramsgard Thomsen (PhD) and consist by today of 13 members with background in architecture, engineering and computer science. The team has 4 fulltime members on Associate or PostDoc Level. Besides this fulltime research is conducted by Research assistants and PhD students.

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Contact person at CITA: Martin Tamke, e-mail: martin.tamke[AT]

Participants in the DURAARK project
  CITA_Martin_Tamke CITA_Henrik_Evers CITA_Morten_Myrup CITA_Mateusz_Zwierzyki
Martin Tamke Henrik Evers  Morten Myrup Mateusz Zwierzycki
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