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Martin Tamke

Capturing spaces – with a mobile phone!

Google shares the project Tango with the world – a vision and technology demonstrator of how a mobile phone can capture indoor spaces on the move. Fascinating ! We all would like to have one of the 200 devices send out for testing in the community. via


DURAARK on discussion panel at Indoor3D – Cape Town

DURAARK member Martin Tamke (CITA) will represent the research project in a discussion panel titled “Problems In Indoor Mapping and Modelling – Acquisition and Modelling” at the Indoor3d conference that takes place in South Africa, 11 – 13 December 2013. The conference addresses mainly the Geomatic community. This field is …


ScanLAB 3d scanning workshop at CITA – 21.-25.October 2013

The London based scanning company ScanLab is a pioneer in the field of architectural 3d registration. They were among the first to realise the potential of 3d scanning beyond the pure collection of coordinate points and have since their foundation experienced great success in the world of architecture, cultural heritage …


Plan3D associated partner of DURAARK

Plan3D from Berlin is a company offering 3d registration services to the building industry. Their speciality is the creation of BIM models from the scandata. We are happy to have them and their expertise onboard.

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